Who is Batuga Tegin in Destan TV series 2022

The series, which tells the story of Batuga Tegin, the son of Alpagu Khan, the great khan of the Gök Khanate, and Akkız, who wants to avenge his father, draws attention with its action scenes. However, in the scene last night, the scene where Batuga rescued Akkız, who was captured by the Gök Khanate, was the scene that attracted the most attention of the audience. The audience was very impressed by the love between Akkız and Batuga.

In fact, the relationship between Akkız and Batuga is very different from what we are used to. Normally, we watch a strong male character and a weaker female character in Turkish TV series. However, the situation is very different in Destan.

Because the male character, Batuga Tegin, is a weaker character due to the fact that he is the son of a khan, but he is crippled and one-armed and lives under his father’s wing. Akkız is a true amazon warrior. Batuga is the soft belly of Akkız, who has no fear of anyone and fights bravely.

Therefore, it is possible to say that Destan has revolutionized the world of Turkish TV series with such a character distribution. It is also promising in terms of the place of women in life that a female character is brought to the fore in such a strong way and that this series attracts such a great deal of attention.

The person who played the character of Batuga Tegin, one of the actors in the Destan series, which is one of the historical series, became the object of curiosity on the Internet. Edip Tepeli brings the Batuga character of the popular Destan series to life with his first episode. Who is Edip Tepeli, who had a big breakthrough with the destan series, how old is Edip Tepeli and where is he from? Here are all those curious about Edip Tepeli, who plays the role of Batuga.

Who is the main actor in the destan series, which is one of the most ambitious productions on ATV screens this season, was curious on the Internet. Ebru Şahin, Selim Bayraktar and Edip Tepeli play the main roles in the epic series, which is one of the historical television series. Mehmet Bozdağ is the producer of the epic series, which is about a story that goes back in time. Batuga character, played by Edip Tepeli, attracted attention from the first episode. Here is information about Edip Tepeli, who plays the character of Batuga …



In the destan series from the story, the “missing” Tegin of the Batuga Gök Khanate is known as a hero in disguise who does not hold hands, does not run and has no voice. Batuga was added to the script, inspired by characters from the story.

who is the destan series batuga


Edip Tepeli is known as a theater, series and film actor. Tepeli was born on April 18, 1989 in Izmir. In 2017 he married Ayşecan Tatari in New York, an actress like himself. The daughters of the famous couple Müjgan Tepeli were born in 2020.

Edip Tepeli, the handsome actor who breathed life into the character of Kavruk in the television series Sefirin Kızı, made a name for himself with his successful performance.

Tepeli was born on April 18, 1989 in Izmir. He graduated from the Theater Department of the State Conservatory of Istanbul University. In 2017 he married Ayşecan Tatari in New York, an actress like himself. The couple had a daughter named Müjgan Tepeli in 2020.

Who is Edip Tepeli?

TV series with EDIP TEPELİ

  • 2017 – The stars are my witness
  • 2017 – Who bought you Sinan?
  • 2017-2018 – Hayati and others
  • 2019-2021 – daughter of the ambassador
  • 2021 – epic
  • 2018 – do not live
  • 2010 – alas (film)
  • 2017 – The Art of Survival for Beginners (film)


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