Kayifamilytv Kurulus Osman Episode 96 English Subtitles

In Kurulus Osman Episode 96, Osman talks to Bala about the old days and says he wants to race with her. Bala takes her horse and starts racing with her husband. Osman and Bala stop at one place. As Osman tells how much he loves his family, a few Mongolian soldiers arrive. A soldier says he needs a horse and gold. Osman attacks the Mongols with his wife and neutralizes them in a short time. Cerkutay sees the dead soldiers and asks what happened.

Barkin calms Romanos down and begins to tell him about Osman’s plan. Osman goes to meet the white bearded people. The leader of the white beard congratulates Osman and asks him what he will do in the future. Osman says that he wants to take Bursa and that he will conquer Yenisehir first to achieve this goal. The white bearded leader asks Osman to be wary of Byzantium and tells him about the Turkmens coming to the region.

Kurulus Osman Episode 96 KayiFamily

Pastor thanks to Osman. Osman always says that he will try to solve the problems of his people. Bala and Malhun continue to prepare food for the tribe’s guests. Bala talks to Aisha and realizes that she is still upset. Bala then passes out while she continues to prepare the meals. Aygul immediately takes Bala to the tent and calls a doctor. Aladdin gives the letter Holofira sent to Orhan.

Aktemur is very upset that his mother does not speak after his father’s death and says he will do anything to make her speak again. Barkin meets his old friend Ahmed in the forest. Ahmed starts to tell what kind of person Mustafa is and says that he hates Osman. On the way to the tribe, Osman sees a few people on the way. These people say that Mongolian soldiers attacked. Osman immediately sends his soldiers and says that he will cover the losses of these people.

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