3 Surprising Companies Where You Can Make $150K+/Year

You might think of tech or investment banking jobs when you hear the words “six figures” or more. But high salaries are also available in other areas and at some surprising companies.

In-N-Out store manager

Eat This, Not That said that the salary for a store manager at a well-known chain is $180,000. Lynsi Snyder, president and owner of In-N-Out and granddaughter of founders Harry and Esther Snyder, wrote a book called “The Ins-N-Outs of In-N-Out Burger: The Inside Story of California’s First Drive-Thru and How It Became a Beloved Cultural Icon.”

Snyder said in her book that In-N-Out really values employees who stay with the company and likes to thank them for it. She wrote, “Offering the highest wages in the industry is one way we attract the best,” as reported by Eat His Not That.

UPS driver

As part of a new labor agreement, UPS said in July that full-time drivers will make about $170,000 a year plus perks.

In an earnings call, CEO Carol Tome said, “When you look at total compensation, by the end of the new contract, the average UPS full-time driver will make about $170,000 a year in pay and benefits.”

“And all part-time union workers at UPS will be making at least $25.75 an hour by the end of this contract. They will also get full health care and pension benefits.” It’s true—our part-timers get these perks, but only 7% of all part-time workers in the U.S. do.

Home Depot

Narcity says that some full-time jobs at Home Depot that can be done from home, like customer service, management, IT, and protection, pay up to $190,000.

Narcity also said that every Home Depot worker is promised perks like pay raises, paid parental leave, and discounts on shopping, groceries, and electronics.

Courtesy: www.gobankingrates.com

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