The Top 12 Beautiful Cities to Visit in the United States

The best thing about traveling to the US is that there are so many things to do. This huge country has so many amazing things to see and do that it would take a lifetime to do them all. You could get lost in the redwoods, enjoy the ocean air on beautiful beaches, or find hidden art scenes in some of the world’s most famous cities.

For those who love nature and want to see snow-covered hills or art and want to get lost in museums and galleries, we’ve put together a list of the USA’s best places to visit. In 2023, these are the best places to visit:.

1. New York City

People still love New York, a place that is important in American history. The Big Apple is a world-famous hub for art, fashion, banking, music, and food. Its wide range of attractions draws people in.

Enjoy sunset cocktails on fancy roofs, mosh at local punk shows, be amazed by world-class art in well-known museums, or savor the best food you’ve ever had at a favorite hole-in-the-wall.

Tip for planning: New York has a lot to see, but don’t try to see it all on your first trip. Sort them out by borough or neighborhood, or even by hobby.

2. San Francisco, California

There are many things to do in San Francisco, and the city has a very West Coast feel to it. You can see the bay from Golden Gate Park, walk through the alleys of the country’s largest and oldest Chinese neighborhood.

3. The National Mall in Washington, DC

The National Mall in Washington, DC, is the center of American politics and culture. It is a two-mile stretch of many of the country’s most famous structures and museums.

There are ten Smithsonian museums in the mall, such as the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the National Museum of American History. There are also landmarks like the National Gallery of Art, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Capitol building.

4. The New England

Want to drive through beautiful forests on mountain roads, eat delicious lobster, and enjoy views of the coast all in one trip? You should be in New England.

In Cape Cod, you can visit cute towns and cranberry bogs. In Vermont’s mountains, you can stay in a cabin and eat all the seafood you can handle. You can also expect to see some of the most beautiful fall leaves in the country if you go in the fall.

5. Pacific Coast Highway

The 1600-mile Pacific Coast Highway, which is actually three highways linked together, runs from sunny San Diego to rainy Seattle. Along the way, you’ll find some of the best West Coast adventures.

In coastal towns, you can stay in kitschy hotels and look at the cliffs of Big Sur, the tidepools in Oregon, and Washington, D.C.’s Olympic National Park.

Tip for planning: Parts of the Pacific Coast Highway go along cliffs that are prone to rock falls. Before you leave, you should always check the road conditions in case there are any sudden closures.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

We promise that New Orleans is the best place in the world. This city has a special magic that keeps people coming back for more. Its effects are from Native Americans, the Caribbean, Africa, France, and Spain. Indulge in its famous Creole food, enjoy its lively events, and get lost in its world-class music scene—this is where jazz began, after all.

Tip for planning: Because New Orleans is on the coast, it can be hit by storms from June to October. August and September are the busiest months.

7. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, which is known as the “City Different,” has roots in American past but is also up to date. This city has a mix of Native American, Spanish, and Mexican cultures.

It has many historical sites, such as the 400-year-old plaza, and a cutting-edge art scene with a lot of independent artists and the original Meow Wolf, an immersive art installation that changed the game.

8. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has great food, diverse areas, and top-notch museums—all the things that make a great American city, but with a very Midwestern twist. In the day, you can relax by Lake Michigan, which looks like the ocean.

At night, you can watch the Cubs play at Wrigley Field or laugh at Second City, where greats like Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey got their start.

9. Rocky Mountains, Colorado

The Rockies in Colorado are the best place to start if you want to see the ultimate Western mountain range.Rocky Mountains National Park is a good place to start, but there are many other ways to get to this dynamic mountain range. You can ski in Vail, Aspen, or Telluride, drive along the scenic byways of the San Juan range, or set up camp in one of the state’s many national forests.

If you’re not from a place with similar elevation, you’ll probably feel the effects of altitude in the Rockies. Stay very hydrated, take your time on hikes, and don’t drink booze.

10. Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, and Virginia

The Rockies get a lot of attention, and for good reason. The longest mountain range in the US is a must-see. The Blue Ridge Mountains are in the southern third of the Appalachian Mountain Chain.

The many ridges and balds in the area offer stunning blue-green views of the rolling hills covered in thick woods. You can go on one of the many day walks, drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or hike a part of the famous Appalachian Trail.

11. The Everglades, Florida

You can’t say enough good things about the Everglades. This huge swamp is an International Biosphere Reserve, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and a national park because it is home to so many different kinds of plants and animals.

You can paddle through coastal bays and camp among mangroves, or you can take an airboat and zip through the many waterways. Keep an eye out for water birds, manatees, and, of course, alligators and crocodiles the whole time.

If you want to have the best time, make sure you bring sunscreen and bug spray since you will be outside.

12. Southwestern Utah

Southwest Utah is the best place in the US to see how big and amazing its natural past is. Red Rock Country has five of the most beautiful national parks in the country. It shows off the area’s geological history with a lot of artistic style.

Explore the peaks and valleys of Zion and Bryce Canyon on foot, or be amazed by the hills and canyons of Capitol Reef and Canyonlands, which are a rainbow of colors. If you want a real treat, watch the sun rise over Arches’ rock works of art.

Tip for planning: Large parts of this area are very remote and sometimes don’t have cell service, both on the road and on the trail. Tell other people about your plans at all times, and bring a lot of water with you in case of an emergency.

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