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Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Trailer Review

In the first scene of the trailer, we see Osman Bey’s Alpra lying unconscious on the ground. On the other hand, Olof says Osman’s death will endanger Inishehir. After hearing this, many of us began to think that Osman Bey will die?

But nothing like that will happen because history has not written anything like that because the history of Osman Bey is very long. After that, Olof says that they will take advantage of this and attack Inishehir. And we see in another scene that all the Beys are sitting and Osman Bey’s seat is empty and we understand after seeing that, something big is going to happen.

Another scene after this sees Olof coming to attack with Byzantine troops, all of whom are heard shouting ‘death’. Bala Hatun is looking for Osman Bey and on the other hand Malhun Hatun is saying, “Well look for Osman Bey, you will find Osman Bey”. Then Baindar Bey’s spy says, “Osman Bey has not been found since yesterday”.

Kurulus Usman Episode 104 English Subtitles Under The Post

Bala Hatun is looking for him. Then we see Kantakujanus come to Inishehirri and he says he will take away their sins. And he is going forward and then he says “Karajahisar and Inishehir will be taken back. Meanwhile, we understand that something big is going to happen. Malhun Hatun says he will decide in these meetings. And then Malhun Hatun also says that if there is no Osman Bey, he has a son. And then Malhun Hatun is heard saying, “Be careful they will test you”.

Then the scene changes again, Osman Bey’s son Orhan Bey says, “I will keep you prisoner until the end of the war.” Otherwise I will separate your mother from your body”. But here we did not understand who you are talking about. But here Bainda Bey is shown.

Kurulus Usman Episode 104 English Subtitles Under The Post

And then the scene changes and we see Olof preparing for battle and he says “Today will be bloody Inishehir and they will suffer a lot for it. Orhan Bey asks Allah for help, so that they can stay together in this difficult test.

There are two possibilities for Usman Bey’s return.

1st possibility:-
In the first trailer it was seen that Usman died, in the second trailer it was seen that Usman is back, Kurulu’s Usman audience knew that Usman will not die because he is Ghazi.

Some of the stories of Dirilis come to mind at this place, they are: – Victory of Hanli Bazar by Artgrul Death, Victory of Eres’s fortress Kulujahisa. Moreover, Uthman conquered Karajahisar by acting to the death in season one.

Everyone in these places thought Artgrul was dead. Likewise, Olof and Kantakuzebus will make believe that Osman is dead, and Olof and Kantakuzebus will believe in their hearts that Osman is dead.

Kurulus Usman Episode 104 English Subtitles Under The Post

They will think, now we will easily take back our lands, which Uthman took away from us, when they attack them, they will see Uthman Bey in front of them.

2 Possibilities:- As we have seen in trailer-02, Oktem Bey says, Marmarajik fortress will be captured by Usman, tell the Turks to be ready, from this it is understood that Usman will directly attack Marmarajik fortress, victory may or may not happen. We have seen in the trailer, Osman’s alpes were all fighting in a Christian fort, perhaps a Marmarajic fort.

Many Kurulus Usman visitors said that maybe we will not see the settlement again, Mehmed Buzdag Sir proved them wrong once again. In the trailer, we have seen Osman Bala talking about returning to the settlement. Two questions remain here, the old flag of Kayi settlement, and the shadow of a man.
These two questions can be answered in two ways:-

1- Maybe Usman Gazi is seeing something in his dream,
2-Or someone new is going to arrive, who may be Hasan Alp, Akcha Kocha or any historical character. We will see Kanur Alp fighting the infidels on Usman Ber’s side from the next episode.

You pretty much understand what’s going to happen and the volume is very exciting, so why delay and go down now. And look at the subtitles.

Kurulus Usman Episode 104 English Subtitles 

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