12 Signs You’re In Love With A Great Man

1. He recognizes the importance of strong communication in a relationship.
He is a mature enough man to understand that in order to work with you, he must be a good communicator.

He’ll have to make an extra effort to talk to you. He can’t be remote and silent about how he feels or thinks. He should not be hiding his identity from you. He is a man who understands the importance of always being truthful and upfront with you.

2. His presence makes you feel secure.
He always goes out of his way to put you at ease. He will go out of his way to make you feel at ease.

He will not feed your fears. He will never abuse or manipulate you. He always welcomes you into his arms. He always treats you like a precious little flower that he must guard at all costs.

3. He always acts like a great gentleman in your presence.
He has excellent manners, especially around you. He has a gentle nature and a compassionate heart.

He understands that if he wants to earn your respect, he must always behave himself with grace and composure. And he’ll always be on his best behavior when he’s around you, especially since you draw it out of him.

4. He has a solid set of principles and values.
He’s not someone who can be walked all over. He has a strong will.

He has a strong set of moral ideals and principles on which he will never compromise. You are aware that he is a moral person who lives by a strict code.

5. He is a dedicated worker.
He will always work hard for you and for himself. He is going to put in a lot of effort for your relationship.

He is a man who realizes that the best things in life must be won rather than given, and he is never hesitant to work hard for what he desires most. As a result, you can expect that he will constantly go above and beyond for you and your relationship.

6. He also knows when it’s time to have fun.
But, despite his hard work, he understands that life isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously.

He still has a light heart and will always be able to show you a wonderful time. He understands that life isn’t worth living if there isn’t joy and happiness, which is why he constantly makes it a point to shower you with smiles and wonderful memories.

7. He gives you the courage to pursue your dreams.
He inspires and motivates you to keep going. He does not act as a stumbling block or barrier.

He adds no weight to your life. He propels you to your destination. He is always your staunchest ally.

8. He lets you look after him.
He is completely capable of caring for himself, but he also understands that you want to show your love for him by caring for him. And, despite the fact that he is defenseless, he still allows you to take care of him.

9. He sincerely listens when you need to get things off your chest.
He is not only an excellent communicator but also an excellent listener.

He understands that communication is a two-way street and that it is equally vital for him to listen to you as it is for him to express himself. He always makes you feel safe and secure enough to express yourself in any way you want.

10. He includes you in the relationship’s planning process.
He always makes you feel like you’re a part of your relationship.

He doesn’t regard you as a simple accessory to be dragged along for the ride. Because he appreciates and cherishes your thoughts, he makes you a genuine part of it.

11. He doesn’t act withholding his love and affection.
When it comes to you, he never holds back. He never plays tricks on you. He doesn’t try to be evasive.

He doesn’t strive to be cool. He doesn’t appear chilly and distant or apathetic and disinterested. He adores you and will always express his feelings for you. He’s not going to disguise how much room you’ve managed to take up in his heart.

12. He is completely committed to making the relationship succeed.
He is a dedicated individual. He is adamant. He understands that the relationship will not be easy, but he also understands that he has the resilience to fight through whatever challenge or obstacle either of you may face as a couple.

He understands that he is committed to doing everything in his power to defend your mutual love.

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