Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘stunned’ by King Charles’ ‘cruel’ decision

The all-telling memoir Spare by Prince Harry caused quite a stir. People still can’t stop talking about what his long-awaited book said. Since the members of the firm haven’t said anything about it in public, it’s clear that they aren’t happy about the news or the accusations made by the prince.

His father, King Charles, and his stepmother, Camilla, both got their fair share of criticism from Harry. William reportedly said that the first time he and Harry met Camilla, it was “strange and tense.”

“I think they all get along well now, but if I’m being honest, it wasn’t always that way. I think it was hard for them, “Penny Junor, who wrote the book Prince William: Born to be King, heard this from a source in the palace. “To be fair to Camilla, she never tried to be mommy, but she was the ‘other woman,’ and she was there taking daddy’s time.”

Other experts said that when Harry first met Camilla, he didn’t like her either. Tina Brown, a royal author, wrote in her book The Palace Papers that Harry “scared” Camilla.

“When Mrs. Parker Bowles was finally able to get the younger boy to talk to her, he scared her with long silences and smoldering, angry looks,” she said a courtier had said. And now, in SPARTA, Camilla wasn’t spared either.

In his autobiography, Harry wrote that he and his brother had asked their father not to marry Camilla. “Even though Willy and I told him not to, Pa went ahead. We shook his hand and told him to do well. No hard feelings, “Harry wrote in a book called Spare. “We knew he was finally going to be with the woman he’d always loved.”

He even wrote that he had wondered if Camilla would be “just as mean to him as all the bad stepmothers in stories.” He also said that William had “long had suspicions about the Other Woman.”

In the past, when he talked to the media, Harry said that his stepmother leaked stories to the British media to try to improve her own reputation. He also said that the media made her out to be a “villain” because they thought she was to blame for Charles and Diana’s broken marriage.

“Because of this, she was dangerous because she was making friends in the British press. Both sides were willing to share information with each other. And because her family was based on rank and she was on her way to becoming Queen Consort, people or bodies were going to be left in the street, “Harry said.

“If you, as a member of the family, are told that being on the front page and having good headlines and stories written about you will help your reputation or make it more likely that the British people will accept you as a monarch, then that’s what you’ll do.”

Harry told Good Morning America in an interview that he hasn’t talked to his father’s wife in a long time. “I love everyone in my family, no matter how different they are, so when I see her, we get along great,” he said.

“My stepmother is her. She’s not a bad stepmother in my eyes. I see someone who married into this institution and has done everything she can to improve her own reputation and image, for her own good.”

Angela Levin, an expert on the royal family, says that Camilla has the same feelings and isn’t very interested in a relationship with Harry either.
“The Duchess was always wary of Harry, and she could see him looking at her in a long, cold way out of the corner of her eye. She found it a little scary. Other than that, they got along fine, “In her new book, Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, Levin writes.

Harry and Meghan were given Frogmore Cottage, which is on the grounds of Windsor Cottage, as their new home soon after they got married. Since 1792, the place has been a royal home. Many members of the royal family have lived there, including Queen Charlotte, who was George III’s wife, and the Duchess of Kent. The mausoleum on the grounds is where Queen Victoria’s mother was laid to rest.

When Harry and Meghan moved into Frogmore Cottage, it was said that they spent around $3 million to fix it up. Even after they stopped being royals, they could still stay there whenever they came to visit Britain.

But now, because Harry’s book has upset a lot of people, including King Charles, who hasn’t said anything about his son’s book in public, the couple has reportedly been kicked out of Frogmore Cottage.

A person who works for Harry and Meghan has confirmed the news. A spokesperson told Vanity Fair, “We can confirm that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been asked to leave their home at Frogmore Cottage.”

Prince Andrew, who has lived in a 30-room Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park since 2003, is said to have been given the house instead.

The King wants Andrew to move into Frogmore Cottage, but Andrew is “resisting” this. A royal source told the newspaper, “This is probably the end of Harry and Meghan’s time in the UK.”

This was decided just one day after the release of Spare, and Harry and Meghan are said to be “stunned” by the eviction. “Harry and Meghan have until the beginning of summer to move out,” a source told Yahoo’s Scobie. “At first, they only had a few weeks, but now they have until the coronation at least.”

A friend of Harry and Meghan said, “It all feels very final and like a cruel punishment.” “It seems like [the family] wants to get rid of them for good.”

Royal author and expert Tom Bower talked about King Charles’ decision. He told Page Six, “Harry and Meghan provoked him [King Charles] with Harry’s disgraceful book and the interviews he gave. I mean, what did he expect?” The author kept going. “Harry wanted the royal family to beg for forgiveness on their knees, and now he’s completely gone off the deep end; he’s in the mad wilderness of deranged victimhood.”

He also said that it was likely that the Sussexes would not be invited to King Charles’ coronation.

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