Kurulus Osman season 4 will show the battles led by Osman Ghazi- Kayi Family

After establishing the Sugut, Ertugrul Ghazi continued to attack and occupy various lands and fortresses of the neighboring Byzantine Empire to expand the boundaries of his Jagir; Usman Ghazi continued this trend after becoming the leader of the Qayi tribe. In particular, he became active in conquering his fierce opponents, the Byzantine Empire, and the Turkmen kingdoms.

As such, the first campaign he conducted was a war of revenge against the Byzantines. Because in 1284 or 1285 he was defeated by the Byzantines in the Armenian Bala War. His brother Savuji Beg’s son Sarukhan Beg Khawaja was martyred in that battle. For this reason, in 1286, Kukacha set off towards the fort of Hisar with a mighty army of three hundred warriors. This fort is located at the foothills of Amir Tagh hill, away from Inahgol town.

He stormed the fort in the dead of night and captured Vijayamala; This further extended his domain towards Lake Iznik. The governor of the fortress of Kulacha Hisar, appointed by the Byzantines, could not accept this defeat. His dignity would not allow him to submit to a petty frontiersman leader on behalf of the Seljuk Empire. Without delay, he engaged with the ruler of the fort of Karacha Hisar. They engaged Osman Ghazi‘s forces in the Akjaza Desert between Bilechik and Inahgol. Usman’s brother Savchi Beg drank the amiya sudha of martyrdom in this bloody battle.

In the end, victory overthrew Usman. Uthman’s forces entered the fort by opening the gate; Killed the Byzantine commander Balatus. They converted the city’s church into a mosque. Perform Friday prayers. A judge and ruler were appointed to the city. It was the first mosque in Ottoman history to be converted from a church to a mosque. In this, everyone can clearly see a glimpse of Usman’s power, might, and power

Osman’s victory was a great achievement. At that time, Sultan Alauddin Kaykobad III was in the masnad of Seljuk-i-Rome. He was very happy with this victory of Uthman on behalf of the Seljuks and Islam and honored Uthman. He was awarded the title of Beg, Shah and Ghazi. All the conquered land was given to him. In addition, Inonu and Eskisehir also donated.

This increased the extent of Osman’s Jagir. He sent several expensive gifts to him. They were: a golden banner, a large tabla, a head badge, a bunch of bird’s feathers, a golden sword, a saddle made of silver, and a hundred thousand silver coins. These were carried by Seljuk vizier Abdul Aziz Beg, Karacha Balban Chabish, and Ak Timur. Not only that, Uthman gave official permission to recite his name in the Friday sermons in the mosques of the territories loyal to Uthman, to issue coins in his name. This earned Usman the rank of a sultan or king.

It is narrated that when the tabla was played in front of Usman Ghazi, he stood in honor of the Seljuk Sultan; As long as the soldiers played the tabla, he stood still. From that day onward, the Ottoman military introduced the custom of standing and playing the tabla in honor of the Sultan.

After the victory of Karacha Hisar, Osman Ghazi marched his forces to the northern part of Sakarya River and attacked Guinuk and Yenicha Tarakali forts. A lot of loot is obtained. At this time, Osman Ghazi received a warning from his Byzantine friend Kaseh Mikhayl, the ruler of Harmanka.

The gist of the warning was that a secret plot was hatched against Osman Ghazi, the lords of the forts of Balchik and Yar Hisar. And that is, they fixed the day of their son’s and daughter’s wedding ceremony in Belechik Fort and specially invited Usman Ghazi to it. When Usman Ghazi appeared there, he would be arrested and killed.

Osman Gazi was alerted. He resorted to military espionage. The chief of cavalry sent forty horsemen disguised as women to the wedding ceremony in Bilechic Fort. As soon as they reached there, they discovered their predicament. Arrested all guests at gunpoint. Among those arrested were Dulha and Dulhan. Belichick Fort was conquered then.

A woman was captured in this war. It is said that she is the daughter of Barca Governor Tagtar. The name is Halvara. Later he was initiated into Islam and named Nilufar Khatun. Usman Ghazi likes her for his son Urkhan. Urkhan married Nilufar. A son was born to Nilufar’s bosom – the Ottoman Sultan Murad Khan I. This Nilufer was the first foreign woman in the Ottoman palace.

Usman the banner of justice Kabacha Hisar Castle is located in Byzantine lands. It was conquered by Usman Ghazi in 1285 or 1286 after expanding the area of ​​Jagir. He was young then. After the conquest of this fort, an incident took place which has become a shining example of Usman Ghazi’s justice and has gone down in history.

Osman Ghazi is sitting. At that time there came two people who had a dispute with each other. One is a Muslim, the other a Christian. Accused each other. Both of them seek peace from Usman. Usman Ghazi understood from the evidence—the Muslim man was guilty, the Christian man was innocent. So he decided in favor of the Christian man.

A Christian is shocked to hear the verdict. He could not believe his ears! He could not have imagined that the decision would go against a Muslim person. He thought that Usman Ghazi would never judge for him as a Christian; Nepotism will be done as a Muslim ruler. That’s why he was not interested in seeking justice. In other words, the Muslim man brought it by force.

The wonder of the Christian was not over yet. Usman could understand everything by seeing the state of his face. He asked Usman Ghazi, “Why did you decide for me even though I am a heathen?”

How can I not judge you? Allah, whom we worship, has instructed us in the Holy Qur’an – “Surely Allah commands you, to deliver your deposits to their recipients, and when you judge, judge with justice.”

The word struck the Christian man like a thunderbolt. The man was even more surprised to hear. He tarried no longer; Immediately he read the Kalima and blessed himself by taking refuge in the cool shade of Islam.

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