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Previous Episode Review

Assalamu Alaikum, hope everyone is well,
We hope you have seen the previous episode of Kurulus Osman, which was very interesting and exciting, in fact, the previous episode brought many surprises, as Turgut Alp went against Osman Ber, but after watching this video, your doubts will be cleared, Oktem Beke Marmazik Turgut Bey unites with Shakra against Turgut Bey Osman Ber to take charge of the fort, as seen in the trailer.

Also, we said the same thing about Ismihan Hatoon in the episode in the previous video, he is very arrogant like Aleem Shah and will be the enemy of Osman Ber, after watching the last scene of the previous episode and the trailer of the next episode, there are many questions in the minds of the viewers. In this video, we will discuss some important questions related to Kurulus Osman episode 106, and try to clear the doubts of viewers, so make sure to watch this short but important video till the end.

In this video, we will discuss, will Turgut Alp really go against Osman Bey, and will he act against Osman Bey. Will Kapruhisar Fort be conquered in the upcoming episode 106? Osman Bey will take action against Turgut Alp as seen in the trailer. Will Olof succeed in attacking and destroying Osman Bey’s hideout? Osman Bay how to deal with this situation?

First, will Turgut Alp really go against Osman Ber, will he act against Osman Ber? As we mentioned in our previous videos, from Dirilis Artugrul to Kurulus Osman, none of the Alps betrayed the Beams and supported them every moment. Goktug Alp was slapped by Osman Bey in season 2, everyone thought that he would betray Osman Bey, but later everyone found out that it was a successful plan by Osman Bey.

Likewise in season 3 Turgut Alp pretended to be against Osman Bey, a plan that led to their conquest of the fortress. Also, Gunduz Bey was portrayed as the opposite of Osman Bey and everyone considered him a traitor. But we can tell you that if it is not a fantasy, these are all misunderstandings, when he knows the reality, he will definitely be ashamed and apologize to Osman Ber. Therefore we think that Turgut Bey will not betray Osman Ber but it will be a part of the plan.

Enemies will ask Turgut Bey to unite with them against Osman Bey, the trailer shows Ismihan Hatun convincing Turgut Bey. Turgut Alp accepts his invitation, but he will not betray Osman Bey, he will work to conquer Osman Bey’s mission, the fortress of Kopruhia.

If we talk about conquering the fort of Kapruhisa, it will be very difficult to conquer because Osman Bey says that its security and defense are very strong. After conquering Marmaražić they increased the defenses, making it more difficult to conquer, so Osman Bey could use his plan to conquer the fortress using Turgut Alp. After Turgut Alp unites with the enemy, it will make the conquest of Kapruhisa’s fortress easier, as he will know the enemy’s plans and open the entrance to the fortress.

The trailer shows Osman Bey saying that Turgut Ber Gordan will be taken out if Gulati doesn’t arrive by evening, we think this might be Osman Bey’s plan, as there are many enemies, although it won’t be easy to directly attack Kapruhisar Fort. If Osman Bey attacked the fortress with slingshots and full force, the enemy could attack Yenisehir and Tribe.

So Osman Bey will continue this conquest secretly and make his enemies think that he is against Turgut Alp, that’s why the fortress of Kapruhisar will not be conquered in the coming episode, but it will definitely be conquered with the help of Turgut Alp in a few episodes, of course, Osman Bey is the fortress of Targut Alp. Will hand it over.

Now let’s move on to our next question, will Olof succeed in attacking and destroying Osman Bey’s hideout? As Olof asks about Osman Bey’s secret place, in the upcoming episode, Bayender Bey will tell him about the secret place, then Olof will make a plan and prepare an army to attack. But Osman Bey would not keep the necessary things including war slings in one place but store them in different places and keep them with different people.

Kurulus Osman Episode 106 English Subtitles

Olof might succeed in raiding the place but not destroy it all, because Osman Bey might find out about the raid and he would have already laid a trap for them, also, Osman Bey might hide there with his troops and after Olof’s raid , they will fight bravely against them to foil his plans again. If that doesn’t happen, Osman Bay will take a long time to recover from this loss, so volume 106 is expected to be a complete fire. See you soon in a new video.

Kurulus Osman Episode 106 English Subtitles

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