Kurulus Osman Episode 101 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 101 English Subtitles Watch below the post.

Find out how the Ottomans expanded Europe…

Lazar Dukassin of Serbia was the first to enter the fray in this struggle to expel the Turks from Europe. With a strong force of about thirty thousand warriors he marched towards Adrianople. Marching for two weeks without interruption, he reached within fifteen kilometers of Adrianople.

By conquering Adrianople, Murad permanently closed one of the two routes into Asia from the Balkans. When Vukasin arrived on the doorstep of Adrianople, Murad was busy fighting the Byzantines in southern Thrace.

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The best commander of the Ottomans, Lala Shahin Pasha, was then in Asia Minor with another large part of the army. On learning of the Serb movements, he sent Haji Ilbe towards Adrianople with only ten thousand warriors.

When Haji Ilbe reached the Crusader camp, night had fallen. His scouts brought news that the Crusader camp was celebrating the capture of Adrianople. After feasting all night, slaughtering a lot of sheep and chickens, drinking wine to the neck, the crusaders will leave tomorrow morning to capture the city.

One by one all the lights of the camp were turned off before the night got too deep. The guards of the camp now rose quietly. They didn’t get a chance until now. On the other hand, death itself came across the river silently. The current of the Marija River also weakened near him, and within minutes seven thousand Akinji cavalry led by Haji Ilb crossed the Maringa River and took up positions on either side of the camp. Leaving only the bank of the river open, his forces blocked the north and south sides. Behind are three thousand strange warriors, they are great archers.

The Turkish army came within a hundred meters silently like a hunting cat. Now Haji ordered to light two torches on each side of each horse. As soon as the torch was lit, Ilbe shouted, ‘Haidir Allah!!’

The Ottoman ghazis pounced on the crusaders like hungry lions. They were only signaled once to wake up. Because killing a sleeping enemy is cowardice. The dazed crusaders awoke to hear only one voice, ‘Flee!’

Seven thousand Ghazis chased them from both sides. On one side was the torrential rain, on the other side the lightning attack of horsemen, accompanied by drunkenness, forty thousand drunkards were watching twenty thousand torches tied to ten thousand horses. Their eyes were completely blinded, one after another the dead bodies fell into the Marija river.

Several thousand of the Crusaders were wiped out in one fell swoop. The rest thought that Sultan Murad might have attacked them with a large force. He escaped wherever he could. Adrianople survived

This battle is known in history as the First Battle of Marija. Turkish historians call it Sarb Sindib, meaning destruction of the Serbs. As a result of this war, a superstition gradually began to arise in the Balkans. Turks cannot be seen with the naked eye, they are terrible. They don’t need to be hit by arrows, their arrows penetrate the iron armor and enter the chest.

The infamous stereotype of the Terrible Turk was born through various exaggerated rumors heard from one to another. The diplomacy of the Pope and the Byzantine Kaiser was not in vain. The Kaiser’s cousin was Count Amadeus of Savoy. Under the leadership of Amadeus, Savoy, Genoa, Florence, Hungary and Bulgaria formed a powerful anti-Ottoman crusader alliance. Within a few days it was joined by the Knights Hospitallers of Cyprus and Rhodes. After a long time, Pope Urban V hoped that the crusade would start again.

The aim of this crusade was twofold. The first goal was to drive the Turks out of Europe. The second objective was to strike at Alexandria, Egypt and destroy the port of Alexandria. In exchange for aid in the Crusades, the Pope obtained a promise from the Byzantine emperor John Palaiologus that he would leave his Orthodox Church and join the Roman Catholic Church at the end of the Crusades.

On Good Friday the Pope sewed with his own hands the Holy Cross into the vestments of Count Amadeus of Savoy and Peter the Great of Cyprus. Preparations for the crusade began with great enthusiasm. The Pope issued a papal bull declaring that the Church would donate ten percent of its gross annual income to Amenius for the cost of the Crusades. A two-way operation began.

It was not possible for Murad to stop this huge army. Knowing that Genoa and Venice would send their fleets to intercept the Ottomans through the Dardanelles, Nirupa Murad ordered the Turks in Europe to retreat quickly to Anatolia.

Crusader forces arrived at Gallipoli in 1366. After some small engagements, the Turkish army left the city. The Ottomans retreated from European soil for the first time. Winter does not go away in one day. Politics in the Balkans have always been volatile.

While Count Amadeus of Savoy was busy conquering Gallipoli, the Byzantine Kaiza went to negotiate with the Tsar of Bulgaria. His aim was to further strengthen the Crusade alliance. But the Tsar of Bulgaria did not accept his proposal but imprisoned him.

Enraged at the news of the capture of his cousin Kaiser, Amadeus invaded Bulgaria. He threatened the Tsar of Bulgaria by razing large areas of Bulgaria to the ground. He said, John again

If not, his capital will be attacked. Czar John was forced to return Palaiologus.

The main thrust of the Crusades went over Orthodox Christians. When winter came, Amadeus returned to Savoy with his army. The Kaiser realized that in order to preserve his throne, he must compromise with the Pope.

‘The Ottomans are the enemy. But the Latins who dispute the church are worse than enemies. Just as the Pope is the priest of Roman Catholic Christians, the Patriarch is the priest of Orthodox Christians. The Protestant Church was not yet born in Europe. There was a bitter conflict between the Greek Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. Catholics led the crusades. And the Orthodox were relatively flexible.

The political leader of the Orthodox Church was the Byzantine Emperor, but the Roman Byzantine Empire was weakened during the rise of the Ottomans. The empire, which once stretched from Croatia in the west to Armenia in the east, from Russia in the north to Ethiopia in the south, had shrunk to include Constantinople, Thrace, the Morea peninsula, and the islands of Crete.

The Kaiser went to Louis the Great of Hungary to save the empire in crisis, Louis sent two horsemen to his aid. The Kaiser realized that the Catholic emperors were playing a cruel joke on his weakness.

He then traveled to Italy and appealed to each of the city-states of Venice, Genoa, Milan, and Florence for help. No one helped. Eventually John decided he would convert from an Orthodox Christian to a Catholic. At least then the Pope would agree to call for a crusade to save him.

But his efforts met with strong resistance from the people of the Byzantine Empire. The Kaiser did not dare to declare his Catholicism for fear of rebellion.

In the meantime, in 1371, Serbian King Vuskasin and his brother, Bosnian Lord Ugleja, rose again and marched through the Balkan Peninsula with a large army. The aim is to erase the Ottoman name from Europe.

September 27, 1371.

late night The forest near Adrianople is drenched in fog on an autumn night. A gentle cool breeze is coming from the nearby mountains. It feels good to sleep on a sheep wool blanket in that wind.

King Bukamine’s camp is near the banks of Maringa River. Vukasin, Prince Marko and Despot Uglesa together appeared here with the power of the entire Balkans. They did not encounter any obstacles on the way. Where are the Ottomans? Vukasin assumed that Sultan Murad would be forced to move forward to defend his capital. But Murad was busy in Asia Minor

The situation is exactly the same as seven years ago. But this time Dukassin’s total strength was almost double that of the service, between sixty and seventy thousand. Dukassin is more cautious this time. He scattered his detectives around

He kept it, lest the Ottomans make an ambush again like last time. According to the information provided by the detectives, everything was fine. Not far around. No Ottoman out of existence. Sultan Murad is unlikely to return anytime soon. Undisputed possession of Adrianople is now assured.

As before seven years ago, Ducassen again ordered the feast. After eating their fill and drinking to their throats, the crusaders in his army fell upon the prostitutes they had brought with them. The entire camp was exhausted after the vigorous Kamalila walk.

After nightfall they got under the blanket. In the mild cold night, while the kingdom sleeps in the eyes of the weary, drunken crusaders, the silent angel of death is coming towards them with a whip on his horse.

Lala Shahin Pasha and Ghazi Edrenos, two cold-headed hunters, set out for Dukassin’s camp with only eight hundred experienced Ghazis.

Neither Shahin Pasha nor Edrenos came here with hopes of winning the war. In normal judgment it makes no sense to fight seventy thousand with eight hundred warriors.

But they didn’t actually come to win the fight. They came to kill and be killed. As these two veterans know very well, there is no chance of winning this fight. With no way to defend Adrianople, they decided to kill as many of the enemy as possible and become martyrs themselves.

This would make it easier for Sultan Murad to fight when he returned from Anatolia after their martyrdom. Jeevan set off, and the two of them took eight hundred ghazis one after the other, and on the evening of September 27, Adrenos and Shahin Pasha, along with the rest of the army, tied their shrouds on their heads. Then he covered his body with the night cloak and left for the enemy camp.

In a forest some distance from Vukasin’s camp, they met their spies hiding inside Dukasin’s camp. After a brief meeting, it was decided that at midnight, eight hundred Ghazis would be divided into two groups and enter the camp from two sides into small groups of four. No noise can be made until entering the tent. After entering the tent, the enemy should be killed immediately by making a single sound. No tent can be exited until everyone in the tent is killed.

Then they started walking quietly in the forest. Having led the horses as quietly as possible, they appeared near the Crusader camp in the second watch of the night. From there, they divided into small groups of four and spread throughout the camp. The Crusaders then fell asleep. A brutal massacre began.

That The Ottomans were entering the very tent that was turning into a graveyard. In just two hours, the Ottomans had killed at least twenty thousand crusaders almost silently. They never imagined what they found next. Tents of Tucasin and Upleja.

When Shahin Pasha entered Despot Uglesa’s tent, Uglesa’s bodyguards strictly stopped him. Without hesitating, Pasha and his companions slashed all of them to pieces with great speed. Then he entered the tent and killed Uglesa. Meanwhile Adrenos Gazi entered Vukasin’s tent, and after a while came the voice of Heidi’s Allah.

Shahin Pasha understood that King Vukasin was finished.
The noise of the killing of Vukasin and Uglesa woke up those who were still alive in the camp. Half the warriors in the camp were slain, slain was King Ducassin. In this situation, the sky on their heads collapsed due to the intoxication of martyrdom, Edrenos and Shahin Pasha Ya Allah, Bismillah, Allahu Akbar! A strange panic fell upon the Crusaders as Rob Hecke leaped again. He wanted to run away wherever he could.

But the whole camp was swept away in blood by the edge of Ghazid’s sword. Shahin Pasha and Edrenos brought eight hundred warriors to be martyred but instead they destroyed an army of seventy thousand. The Battle of Marija is one of the greatest guerrilla attacks in world history. 1 This fight brought the near fall of the Serbian Empire. The entire Balkans were exposed to the Ottomans.

Kurulus Osman Episode 101 English Subtitles

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