Kayifamilytv Kurulus Osman Episode 103 English Subtitles

Kayifamilytv Kurulus Osman Episode 103 English Subtitles

Kurulus Usman Episode 103 Trailer Review

At the beginning of the trailer, Turgut Bey arrives at Uktam Bey’s settlement and Amara Bingi Hatun informs the Beys to shoot arrows. In the next scene, Usman Bey says from the tunnel that they want to burn Yenishehir. There will be a major attack on Yenisehir.

In the next scene, Osman Bey tells his son, “We will not let that happen”. On the other hand, Wolof says “death”. The fact that Olof is in a big war is understood in his word ‘death’. The trailer shows the capture of Bingi Hatun Katrik Turgut Bey. Turgut Bey Bingi says to Hatun, “You are wrong, it will lead to civil war.”

Volume 103 will be very scary because there will be a big battle between Wolf and Osman Ber. Just by looking at the trailer, it is clear that the war will be very fierce. In another scene, Osman Bey says, “My deeds will be judged on the battlefield”.

In the next scene, Bengi Hatun talks about the demise of the judiciary. On the other hand, the trial was conducted under the leadership of Dursun Fakir. Al Chichek, the daughter of Oktam Ber, was sentenced to death for attempting to kill the army chief Aktemur in charge of the trial. On the other hand, Oktam Bey was convicted and exiled for 5 years as it was proven that gold was found in the settlement.

Konur Alp (Sarkis) is hit by Olof with a stick. The injury seems very traumatic. So will Konur Alp leave. But history doesn’t say that. Many bravery stories of Konur Alp have been written in history.

In the trailer scene, Cantacujanus reads the letter and realizes that going to Constantine will lead to a major war. The emperor will attack with a large army from it. Osman Bay is in great danger. In the last scene of the trailer, Usman Bey says, “There is no victory if there is a mistake”.

Kayifamilytv Kurulus Osman Episode 103 English Subtitles

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