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36 Episode Review

At the beginning of the episode, we see that a group sent from the King of Egypt comes to meet Al Bassi. Actually, this group is not the real group sent by the King of Egypt. This group consists of Alp Arsalan and his comrades. Al-Bassir could not recognize them Al Basassir thinks they are the real team. Basassir asks Alp Arsalan to know the name. Alp Arsalan says his name is Azim.

The Fatimid caliph Al Muntasir introduces himself as one of the leaders of Billah. Al-Arsalan showed him the letter with the caliph’s decree. Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Bangla Subtitles

Alp Arsalan, on the other hand, wants to get out as soon as possible. There is a slight confusion between both of them Still, they have to stay there as guests, including Alp Arsalan.

Alp Arsalan and his fellow warriors killed the original party sent by the King of Egypt. But one of them survives. All including Alp Arsalan B are kept in a guest house. But they were all worried.

Meanwhile, Sepheria Hatun betrays her father in Vasporakan. Sepheria Hatun kills all those brought by her father to take over Vasporakan silently at night. Their bodies are left in front of the castle in the morning and tells everyone about her father’s treachery. Okhe Hatun also blames Sepheria Hatun at this time.

Seferia also proposed to imprison Hatun as an accomplice of his father. At this time Batur Bey opposed this. And he said Alp Arsalan be na Asa till Vasporakan Seferia Hatun e will conduct.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Bangla Subtitles
Inal Bey is summoned to the fort of Tekfur by a detective disguised as a beggar. Basically the father of the church orders to call Inal Bey. I am the head of this fort and I am an imam on the other side. Inal Bey is surprised to hear him “Alp Arsalan and his plans are known to Tekfu,” he told Inal Bey Now your life is not safe here. Basically everything between Okhe Hatun and Inal Ber is overheard by a soldier and Tekfur informs Gregor.

Annie Durge felt sorry for Tekfur Gregor and his son Inal Bey after learning of the previous events. Alexander asks Tekfur to kill Inal Bey Just then Einal Bay entered Tekfur’s room. Tekfur told Alp Arsalan that his plan was a lie. You can separate my head if you want.

Then Takefur got a little upset. Inal Bey tells Tekfur that the Seljuk state cannot see me. So I will not be with them anymore. Tekfur then said “What will you do with Arsalan Yusuf if I give him your headquarters.

I would have killed him by saying Inal Bey in reply. But since Alp Arsalan has betrayed him, he will no longer be with them Alexander was enraged and stabbed Inal Ber in the shoulder. Then I came here with the fear of death as Inal Bey. Now you want to kill me or follow the same path with me.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 English Subtitles

Arsalan Yusuf sent a message to Techfoot Gregor. The message was originally sent by his daughter Seferia Hatun. Takefur is very happy that the assassination was successful in Vasporakan and they set off for Vasporakan. Tekfur Vasporakan enters to find Seferia Hatun sitting on the throne.

Takefur is a bit upset. Seferia Hatun then addressed Tekfur and said you and my father will be far away from me from now on. If Alp wants to take advantage of Arsalan’s absence, his head will be cut off.

There is a fire worshiper in Baghdad who can talk about different things. Also known as Ganak. He tells al-Bassir “The one you are looking for is behind you” Basasir gets a little angry and says the whole thing. Then Ganak says again that your enemy has already moved to Baghdad, Basasir says that the security of the black stone should be increased.

Alp Arsalan wants to see the Black Stone near Al Basasi. Then Basasir showed him that stone. And after that, Alp Arsalan with Alp Arsalan started planning to steal the real stone. Alp Arsalan and Al Basasir started a fist fight during the night banquet to take the key from Al Basasi. At the beginning of the fist fight, Al Basasi opened his court and then the key And keeps On this occasion Alpa entered the room and brought the black stone and placed a fake stone there.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 English Subtitles

A caravan finds an injured member of the original party lying on the side of the road. They took him to Baghdad. He is served. That man was always saying Al Bassir’s name. This news reached the Wazir. The news reached the Wazir al-Basasi. Basasir Alp was talking to Arsalan Ber. Hearing the news of the man, Basasir quickly left.

Then Alp Arsalan realizes that he has no more time. Then Alp Arsalan tells Basasi that it could be a fad made by Alp Arsalan. I want to go with you. Alp Arsalan and Al Basasi leave for the hospital in a different way.

Meanwhile, other alpras, including Atabe, attack from behind the hospital and kill the man. When this news came to Basasi, he was very excited. He deploys more soldiers to catch the killer

When Erbazkan and Okhe Hatun attacked the Karakhanids who came to attack Vasporakan, Seferia Hatun took Batur Alp with them and stopped it. Alp Arsalan and Al Basasi had a fist fight during the banquet at night. Then the black stone is brought and another stone is placed there

All the bodies of the original party were found by Al Basasi’s soldiers. When they told him that, he was very worried. Then he delivered the sacred black stone to Azim (Alp Arsalan) and accompanied them by al-Bassir himself.

Suddenly a messenger from Egypt came to Al-Basasi. And he gives him a letter. The letter says that Commander Azim with 20 soldiers will go to fetch this black stone. After reading the letter, Al-Bassir realizes that the real commander Azim is not this man. Because his small number is not 20 people. And due to the arrival of this letter, everyone including Alp Arsalan Bey became alert

Alp Arsalan planned and they left from behind. Then Basasi’s soldiers chased after them. At some point they come to the end of the path and then there is the sea. Alp Arsalan then threw the fake stone in front of Al Basasi. And they run away with the original stone box

Alp Arsalan shoots an arrow into Al Basasi’s chest and leaves. But the arrow is because of the handkerchief given by GanakHis chest is not pierced. Alp Arsalan came out with a message about Vasporakan. So he gets very restless and the episode ends with this scene.

Kayifamilytv Alparslan 37 English Subtitles

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