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Alp Arsalan Volume 31 English Subtitle

463 AH 20 Zilqad (August 26, 1071 CE), Sultan Alp Arsalan prepared to confront the Byzantines. The day was Friday. The Sultan led his army to perform the Friday prayer. Then he opened his soul in prayer and wept. Seeing his cry, the soldiers burst into tears. Addressing the soldiers, he said, We have arrived here today with a small force. In this war, maybe I will achieve the goal and become Ghazi, or become a martyr and go to heaven. If I die, my son Malik Shah will succeed me. Whoever among you wills, follow me, whoever wills, turn away from here.

There is no sultan here to command you today. Today I am an ordinary warrior like you. Whoever surrenders himself to Allah, for him there is wealth in this world and Paradise in the Hereafter. And for the one who runs away, there is disgrace and dishonor in this world and hell awaits him in the Hereafter. Allah Ta’ala says, “O you who believe, when you meet the disbelievers on the battlefield, do not turn away from them and run away.

And whoever retreats on that day in retreat, except for the one who changes his strategy of battle or who comes to take refuge with his soldiers; Others will return with the glory of Allah. And his abode is Jahanna, in fact, that is the lowest position.” The Sultan was speaking in an emotional voice. His voice was trembling with emotion. When the Sultan finished speaking, all the army members said in unison, “O Sultan, we are with you. Do whatever you want. We are with you.” I am

On that day, none of the soldiers fled from the battlefield, none discouraged their commander, and none made excuses. They were all ready for battle. They knew they were going to face an army that was vastly outnumbered. Who have advanced weapons. (37)

But still the Seljuk army was not disappointed that day. They did not think of their numbers as a measure of victory or defeat. And this is the teaching of Islam. The source of all power and authority is in the hands of Allah alone. Whomever he conquers there is none to defeat. And he has no power to conquer whom he defeats. The tenacity of the Seljuk army is instructive for us. They neither fled from Jihad nor disobeyed the Amir. They faced Allah’s orders fearlessly. They did not run away from Jihad in the name of any ‘Hikmah’ resort. Because they knew, hikmah applied to work, not to escape from work.

Sultan Alp Arsalan, supported by the army, rode on horseback. Fixed the bow and arrow. He took the reins of the horse with his own hands. Then he put on white clothes. Looking at everyone present, he said, if I am killed today, this cloth will be my shroud. The Sultan then proceeded with his army towards the enemy. Approaching the Byzantines, the Sultan dismounted. Rubbing the dust of the battlefield on his face, he began to cry. At that time he was praying to Allah for victory in the war.

The sight of Sultan crying and praying reminded the army of the Battle of Badr. On the day when Nabiji sallallahu alaihi wa sallam was repeatedly praying to Allah for help and victory before the start of the war. (38)

The Byzantines arranged their forces in five lines. The Sultan was aware of the weakness of his army. So he arranged his forces in a crescent, in a line. As a result, his army strength appeared slightly higher than the actual army strength. Quran was being recited in the Muslim camp, war drums were playing in the Byzantine camp.

Sultan Alp Arslan mounted his horse and joined the army and advanced towards the Byzantines with the takbir of Allahu Akbar. The sound of the Takbeer of the Muslim army shook the surroundings. The charge was so powerful that the dust kicked up by the horses of the Muslim troops covered the Byzantine army.

The battle begins. The two armies rushed at each other in fierce fury. Dust was flying from the trampling of the soldiers’ horses. The surroundings became blurry. The takbeer of the Muslim soldiers and the shouts of the Roman soldiers floated in the air. Sultan Alp Arsalan was a general in this battle

He was fighting like an army. He was firing weapons non-stop. Without caring for his own life, he repeatedly ran towards the defenses of the enemy soldiers. Seeing the Sultan so desperate, the Muslim soldiers also became excited. They also fought the war all the way. Finally help comes from Allah. Many Byzantine soldiers were killed. At one point, only their bodies and bodies are seen in the whole field. They ran away. Their commander-in-chief, Romanos, was captured. He was captured by a Muslim soldier. The Muslim army did not recognize him and attempted to kill him. Then the slave who was with Romanos shouted, This is our emperor, do not kill him.

Romanos was captured and brought to the court of Sultan Alp Arsalan. Romanos, who, boasting of his military power, had divided the Muslim cities among his generals before the victory, was taken prisoner.

Appeared in front of Sultan Alp Arsalan. The arrogance and pride that he had at the beginning of the war has been crushed long ago. Allah Rabbul Alamin referring to the incident of Talut and Jalut said, “Those who thought that AllahOne day they will appear in front of Har, they said again and again – how many small groups have defeated great groups by the command of Allah. (39)

Rob fulfilled what he promised. The servant’s responsibility is to try his best. Allah sends help because of the honesty and sincerity of his intentions. Nowadays we are disappointed, we despair that God’s help is not coming, but we ourselves are responsible for all this. We are not fulfilling our duty, so Allah’s help is not coming.

When Romanos was brought before the Sultan, he flogged him three times. Then the Sultan said, I offered you a truce. Romanos said, stop the scolding. Do whatever you want. ‘If you imprison me, how will you treat me?’ Sultan asked. I would have done the worst thing’, Romanos replied.

What do you think I’ll do with you now?’ asked the Sultan. “Perhaps you will kill me or forgive me. Or you can do another job, of course, there is no point in saying that’. “What is that work?” Sultan became interested. ‘You can set me free by taxing me,’ said Romanos.

The Sultan then agreed to release him in return for a ransom. Mahanubhava Sultan allowed Romanos to drink sherbet. Romanos kissed the ground in respect to the sultan and then turned towards Baghdad in respect to the caliph and kissed the ground in that direction as well.

Alp Arslan negotiated a peace with Romanos before allowing him to leave. According to this treaty the Romanos ceded Antioch, Edessa, Hierapolis and Manzikert to the sultan. Romanos’ ransom was set at 500,000 dinars. Romanus was imprisoned by Sultan Alp Arsalan for about a week. During this time the Sultan treated him with great kindness and generosity.

Sultan gave him 10 thousand dinars for decoration. When sending Romanos off, the sultan accompanied him with a small army, whose duty it was to ensure Romanos’ safety. With this force was a flag, which read — Na ilaha illallahu muhammadur rasulullah

Romanos was returning to his kingdom, hearing on the way that he had been deposed. The reason is clear, no one wanted to see him in power after such a big defeat. His opponent used this opportunity. After Romanos returned, he was imprisoned. After some time he was blinded.

Manjikart’s battle is not just a battle. This battle teaches us that the Romanos and Byzantines’ outward display of pomp did not serve them well. Their majority is theirs

Victory is not guaranteed. Victory belongs to God. He ensures honor and victory for His servants. He is the one who weakens the power of the infidels and humiliates them. The help He has promised His servants will surely come. Before the start of this war, Sultan Alp Arsalan did not rely on his own strength or troops. He trusted only in Allah. Again and again he prayed to Allah for victory. Allah accepted his prayers and made the Muslim army victorious.

The Battle of Manzikart shows us the power of Juma. On Friday, Muslims come together and become stronger in the power of unity. On Friday, Muslims pray together in a row. The bond of brotherhood and unity that develops between them makes them stronger on the battlefield. There too they lined up and faced the enemy.

Almost a thousand years have passed since the battle of Manzikart. Sultan Alp Arsalan is no more, nor is the Byzantine Emperor Romanos. However, this conflict between Tawheed and Kufr does not stop. In one battle after another, the Mujahids dedicated to the religion are facing the worshipers of Kufr. Since the first decade of the new century, the bare paws of the Crusaders have been striking in different parts of the Muslim world. From the mountains of the Hindu Kush to the plains of Syria, the sound of the takbir is uttered to dust the pride of the bearers of the cross. The two camps of Iman and Kufr are gradually separating. At this juncture of history, a big question has appeared before the believers, which side will they adopt? Which camp will they join?

Alp Arsalan Volume 31 English Subtitles

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