Kayifamily Alparslan Episode 28 English Subtitles

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Alp Arsalan is the arrival of the brave lion

Bhumil Beg, the founder of the Seljuk Empire, died in 4 Hijri (1063 AD). Historians have praised him as a benevolent ruler. He was strict in offering prayers(Salat) on time. On Monday and Thursday, he used to fast(Nofol salat) regularly.

Tughril Beg had no children. Before his death, he bequeathed it to his brother’s son Sulaiman bin Dawood. But after the death of Tughril Beg, people showed less interest in Sulaiman bin Dawood, and he did not have enough public support. As a result, his brother Muhammad bin Dawood ascended to power. Sermons are everywhere in his name. He became known as Alp Arsalan. This name is formed by combining two Turkish words. Alap means brave and Arsalan means lion.

Alp Arsalan was born in 424 Hijri. From his childhood, he showed talent. Alp Arslan joined his uncle Tughril Beg in the campaign against the Shia Obaids in his early youth. At that time his father was in charge of the administration of Khorasan. After Alp Arslan returned to Khorasan, he began the work of administration on the advice of his father. While there, his father introduced him to Nizam al-Mulk, one of the most important ministers in Islamic history, and for the next few decades the main advisor to the Seljuk Empire.

After his father’s death, Alp Arsalan was appointed in charge of Khorasan for 5 years. He became the ruler of the Seljuk Empire after his uncle’s death. His uncle consolidated his power by conquering a large territory, and Arsalan became the master of that vast area. When Alp Arsalan came to power, his empire extended from the Amu Darya to the Tigris River.

Alp Arsalan first appointed Nizamul Nulak as his prime minister after coming to power. His decision later benefited the Seljuk Empire. Nizamul Mulk was an influential and brilliant figure in the history of Islam. He mastered all the arts of empire management very well.

The combination of the brave Sultan Alp Arsalan on the one hand and the skilled diplomat Nianul Mulk on the other hand took the Seljuk Sultanate a long way. The year after Khanta’s accession, Alp Arsalan had to deal with a powerful rebellion. In 456 Hijri, Shihabuddaula rebelled against the Qutupash Sultan. He was powerful and his army was quite large compared to the Sultan’s army. At first, Sultan was quite apprehensive. Then Nizamul Mulak consoled him and said, you will not be afraid.

I am looking for an army for you that can defeat any army. Sultan asked, who are those forces? Nizamul Mulk replied, They are the congregation of good scholars and faqihs. Those who regularly pray for you. Hearing this, the Sultan became relieved Sultan was able to handle this rebellion of Qutulmush very easily. Kutulmush’s huge army was defeated before the Sultan’s army.

Towards the end of Tughril Beg’s reign, his relations with the Abbasid Caliph Qayyim b Amrillah deteriorated somewhat. He married Caliph Amat’s daughter. In 456 AH, Alp Arsalan brought the Caliph’s daughter back to Baghdad. The Khalifa was very happy with Alp Arsalan’s decision. He sent orders to the mosques of Baghdad to pray for Alp Arsalan. It was said in the prayer—

“O Allah, bestow upon the great Sultan Azdud Daulah, the head of the nation Alp Arsalan, Abu Shuja (the brave hero) Muhammad Ibn Dawood, with all the blessings.” The Caliph then sent a special gift of his sword to Sultan Alp Arsalan through a representative. Alp Arsalan was greatly reassured by the sultan’s good relations with the caliph. (11) Maintaining good relations with the caliph was essential for the prosperity of the empire. Although the caliph was weak and in most cases did not have the power to make any decisions of his own, his position was respected and felt by the common people.

Alap Arsalan focused on two aspects while in power. First, he wanted to undermine the influence of the Fatimids. Secondly, he wanted to instill in the Ummah the spirit of Jihad, which the Ummah had forgotten due to its internal strife.

Sultan Alp Arsalan took the first step against the Fatimids in 1069 AD (462 Hijri), when Muhammad ibn Abu Hashim, the envoy of the ruler of Mecca, came to meet Sultan Alp Arsalan. He told the Sultan that the sermon was delivered in the name of the Fatimid Caliph Al Qayyim b Amrillah in Makkah. Sultan Alp Arsalan ordered him to stop delivering sermons in the name of the Fatimid Caliph and to stop saying ‘Hayya ala Khairil Amal’ during the call to prayer as was the custom of the Fatimids. The ruler of Makkah accepted this proposal.

Originally in Mecca and Medina, the Fatimids never managed to develop widespread support for their doctrine. What authority they gained there was through muscle power. At that time they took advantage of the weakness of the Abbasid Caliph. But the arrival of the Seljuks on the stage of power turned the table of their arranged plans upside down. The rulers of Mecca took advantage of the arrival of the Seljuks. He happily stopped delivering sermons in the name of the Fatimid ruler. Fatemi also stopped following the custom of the call to prayer. Sultan Alp Arsalan was pleased to hear this news and presented him with 30,000 dinars and clothes of honor and arranged for an annual pension. The influence of the growing power of the Sultan was everywhere.

.In 463 A.H. the people of Aleppo came together to demand that the ruler of the city, Mahmud bin Salih—henceforth call the Juma Khutba the name of the Abbasid Caliph and Sultan Alp Arsalan. To bring back the spirit of Jihad again. To confront the infidels.

In 456 AH, the year following his accession to power, Sultan Alp Arsalan set out with his army for the city of Maranda. Arriving here, he prepared an army led by his son Malik Shah and Uzir Nizamul Mulk and sent it to face the Romans. This force conquered several Roman forts. They also conquered the Surmari fort. This force then besieged the city of Mariam Nashin.

It was a holy city for Christians. Many clergy and Christian rulers lived here. The city was surrounded by strong stone walls. Beyond this was the moat. As a result, the townspeople were quite confident about their safety. The Muslim army reached the wall by crossing the moat with the help of boats and they placed wooden steps on top of the wall. Meanwhile, the Romans were shooting arrows, But the Muslim mujahids continued their work with extraordinary bravery. Although several mujahids were martyred, many managed to climb to the top of the wall. Seeing them, many of the townspeople dared to accept Islam.

This force led by Nizamul Mulak and Malik Shah then occupied a part of Armenia. Muslim forces conquered several cities and forts. However, Sultan Alp Arsalan had to pay a high price in these campaigns. Many soldiers of his army were killed in these campaigns. Then Sultan Alp Arsalan besieged a city in Georgia with his forces. (18) The city was fortified. On one side were high mountains. Wide river on the other side. At first the Muslim soldiers lost their morale after seeing this city.

But the determined Sultan ordered the city to be besieged. The Sultan built a bridge over the river for the army to cross. As a result, the army easily crossed the river. Then the fierce battle of the Seljuks with the Romans began. The Muslim forces entered the city after winning the battle. They broke down the domes of the city. In this expedition, so much booty was obtained, that it was not even possible to enumerate it.

In this campaign, Sultan conquered some other regions of Armenia, such as Karas, and Ani cities. In the city of Ani, he appointed administrators on his behalf. The Sultan’s victory caused a flood of joy in the Muslim world. The letter which the Sultan had written to the Caliph informing him of the victory was read out in the Caliph’s palace in Baghdad. In his return letter, the Khalifa was effusive in his praise of the Sultan. He prayed for the Sultan.

In 457 AH, Sultan Alp Arsalan crossed the Amu Darya and reached the city of Zand (1). The ruler of the city lost the courage to face the Sultan. He submits and agrees to pay taxes. The Sultan returned. In 468 AH, Sultan Alp Arsalan nominated his son Malik Shah as the next Sultan.

Kayifamily Alp Arsalan episode 28 English subtitles

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