Kayi family Kurulus Osman Episode 98 English subtitles

Watch kurulus osman Episode 98 english subtitles

In Kurulus Osman Episode 98, Osman goes to the Mongolian base in the forest with Cebe. Osman starts to ask questions to Romanos, but he cannot make him talk. Romanos tells Osman that he will not say anything. Osman puts his sword into the fire and begins to torture Romanos with a hot iron. Romanos gets rid of his ropes and starts attacking Osman. Osman’s soldiers emerge from their hiding place and stop the Mongols in a short time.

Aktemur begins to follow Romanos, but Byzantine spies stop him. Romanos sets off for Yenisehir with the spy of Arius. Osman sees the gold earned by Cebe and says he will kill him. Cebe begins to tell everything to save his life. As soon as Mustafa wakes up, he tries to attack Turgut but fails. Turgut says that Mustafa is too blind to see the truth. Bala tells Aygul what Selvi told before she died and tells her that she suspects Barkin.

While Osman is talking to Beys, Ali’s envoy comes. The ambassador asks Osman to hand over Mustafa and Turgut. Osman agrees to hand over Turgut in front of everyone. The Beys support Osman’s decision and tell him that he did the right thing. Osman says that he will attack Yenisehir after this is done. The Alps say that the ambassador should stay with the tribe for a while and take him to a tent. The ambassador is disturbed by this situation, but he cannot do anything.

Cerkutay begins to secretly follow Barkin. Barkin holds a funeral for Selvi and says he will avenge his wife no matter what. Barkin then sends a message to Romanos and tells him where Osman is. Osman presents the sword prepared by his sons to his daughter and asks her to be very careful. Osman goes to talk to Cebe that night. Cebe tells once again everything he knows and asks Osman to spare his life.

Watch kurulus osman Episode 98 english subtitles

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