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From the beginning of this episode, Takefu is involved in various conspiracies. At the beginning of the episode, Arsalan Yusuf, knowing about Tekfur’s daughter Flora coming to her father, kidnaps her. Tekfur comes with Alpagut and Inal Bey to rescue Flora, threatening Inal Bey’s life. Because Arsalan Yusuf made a condition to release Tekfur’s daughter.

His condition is that if he kills Inal Bey, he will release Flora. At that time Alp Arsalan Bey arrived there to calm the situation and Alexander came with his sister. Alp Arsalan then had a conversation with Tekfur.

After Alp Arsalan Bey settled this, he asked Inal Bey to return it, then Tekfur said, “I didn’t detain anyone.” Inal Bay will leave if he wants. But Inal Bey did not come and instead went with Tekfur.

In fact, Alp Arsalan Bey sent Inal Bey to Tekfur on a secret mission. So that he can conquer the Ani fort. Alp Arsalan Bey does this to avoid Tekfur’s suspicions.

Sultan Tughrul arrived and on the way received news that Inal Bey had taken refuge in the fort of Tekfur. So he sent two soldiers to Alp Arsalan to confirm the news. Prince Marwan welcomed him. Prince Marwan plots to kill Sultan.

He poisoned the Sultan’s food and imprisoned the soldiers accompanying the Sultan in a room. When the Sultan goes to his room after dinner at night, he realizes that he has put Prince Marwan in his bed and he hides behind. The killers entered the house and stabbed the person in the chest with a knife. Later they were shocked when they removed the cloth and found that Prince Marwan had been killed.

The Sultan then killed them in the room and the Sultan left the room in search of his soldiers. Thus the Sultan kept searching and finally found his soldiers locked in a room. Tekfur consults with Alpagut to try to understand why Inal Bey has taken refuge with him.

Alpagut convinces him that he is the most worthy of the throne after Alp Arsalan. So Inal Bey raised an army to kill Alp Arsalan, now if he gets your troops he can go ahead with this attack and take over the HQ.

Inal Bey was able to convince Alexander that he could take over the headquarters if he gave him troops. And since I have worked in HQ before, I know all the weak points there. Alexander is reassured by Inal Ber’s words. Inal Bey’s wife, Okhe Khatun, tries hard to prove her husband’s innocence. He always keeps an eye on Arsalan Yusuf Bey.

When Arsalan Yusuf failed to kill Inal Bey, he attacked his wife. Once in the middle of the argument, when the soldiers saw both of them taking out their knives to kill the other, they quickly rushed and drove them away.

Later Arsalan Yusuf was taken to Alp Arsalan and he said that he cannot stay here with Okhey Hatun so he should be sent to the headquarters or Okhey Hatun should be sent somewhere else. Then Alp Arsalan Bey said Okhe Hatun will not go anywhere. Then Chari Bey says go to the headquarters and focus on work.

Behind this move to the headquarters was a deep conspiracy which he had planned with Alexander. Arsalan Yusuf Bey was repeatedly begged by his daughter Seferiya not to do all these conspiracies.
Just then Seferia Hatun, following her father, came to Surmari Bazar far away and asked the guards of the fort to open the gate. Then Alp Arsalan and Okhe Hatun, who followed him, called from behind and forbade him to enter.

Okhe Hatun accuses Seferia that the daughter is also helping the father in his immoral activities.
Later they hide outside the fort. When Arsalan Yusuf Bey came out of the fort, he was surrounded by everyone, including Alp Arsalan. Arsalan Yusuf Bey exchanged words with Alp Arsalan Bey and began to argue, then ordered him to walk without a horse. Alexander sends a message to Alp Arsalan through merchant Rajen K that they will attack a village. It’s a trap.

Hearing this news, when Alp Arsalan goes to that village, the headquarters will be short of troops Then Inal Bey will take over the headquarters with troops. Trader Rajen is told by Tekfur, then Alexander and finally Inal Bey to pass them on to Alp Arsalan, but as Rajen’s wife and daughter are imprisoned by Tekfur, he tells what Tekfur taught him. Later Alp Arsalan questioned him alone again when he was in doubt. Then he speaks out. It was then that Alp Arsalan realized that he was in danger.

The next morning, when Alexander approached Inal Bey headquarters with his troops, he told the troops that things were not looking good for him when Alp Arsalan attacked from behind with his troops and killed them all. Then Inal Bey stayed there and all went to Surmari, including Alp Arsalan, Charibe, Atabap. But he goes there and finds no one. Everyone knows it’s a trap.

Then all the soldiers including Tekfur, Alexander blocked the main gate from behind.
And the episode ends with this thrilling moment.

Alparslan Episode 34 English Subtitles

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