Alparslan Episode 33 English Subtitles

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How will Seferiye Hatun, who is being watched for the crime of planning to kill Alp Arsalan, be proven innocent? Who framed Inal Beg in the confession of the assassin who came to kill? How will Inal Beg be proven innocent? Alp Arsalan Volume 32 appears with answers to many such questions of the audience’s heart.

In the last episode, we learned that Tekfur Gregor was behind the whole assassination, but when the assassin is questioned about why he wanted to kill AlpArsalan, he says that his target was not AlpArsalan Bey, but Seferiye Hatun, and that he did it on Inal Ber’s orders. , hearing this slander, the innocent Inal Bey enraged and strangled him to death, since Inal Bey was accused of plotting the murder, and was imprisoned in his room.

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The scene goes back, we can see that when the assassin regains consciousness there are two men by his side, one is a doctor and the other is Arsalan Yusuf Bey. Arsalan Yusuf tricked the doctor out of the room.

And by applying pressure to the killer, he found out that the master of Bukhara was behind the assassination attempt. Then Arsalan Yusuf told him that if you admit in front of everyone that Inal Beg was behind this murder, then I will beg for your life. But the killer implicates Inal Beg.

In the next scene we see Golje Hatun trying to meet his sister Seferiye Hatun but the soldiers are not letting them. Then Alp Arsalan Bey came and opened the door and reunited the two sisters, and he also informed Seferiye Hatun of his absolution.

We then see Inal Bey in his room under surveillance, recounting the previous events, when Okhe Hatuner walks in. Okhe Hatun tells Inal Bey that he didn’t really know that Seferiye Hatun was the target of the killer and regrets that he stopped Inal Bey from stopping the killing, also Okhe Hatun vows to Inal Bey to try his best to get over his current situation, especially in Okhe Hatun. “If I had a thousand lives, I would have sacrificed to save you” the words leave a deep mark in the audience’s heart.

Al-Arsalan Bey Seferiye learned from talking to Hatun that the unique weapons used in the assassination attempt could only be made by Khosref Ustad of Bukhara, then Al-Arsalan Bey Seferiye left for Bukhara with Hatun and soldiers. Meanwhile, we see Okhe Hatun interrogating the blacksmiths of Bukhara, under pressure he also learns that the weapons are made by Khosref Ustad, then he captures Khosfer and heads for Vaspurakan.

In the next scene we see Sultan Tughrul Bey for the 1st time this season. He rescues some of the people from the oppressed population at the hands of the engagement special forces. Killed some of the oppressors and left some people and asked them to call their comrades, then his comrades came and faced Sultan Tughrul, they still knew that Sultan Tughrul was standing in front of them, so they spoke rebellious words in the name of Sultan Tughrul, then Sultan Tughrul killed all those oppressors. killed

Next we see Okhe Hatun taking Khosref captive. On the way they were attacked by Bukhara soldiers. Just as a soldier was about to attack Okhe Hatun from behind, Alp Arsalan Bey and Seferiye Hatun appeared in their own army and protected him.

As the two testified against Inal Bey, AlpArsalan devised a new plan with Inal Bey to uncover the truth. He imprisons Inal Bey and tells Inal Bey to escape from prison and seek refuge with Tekfur Gregor. Inal Bey escapes from prison as he promised but is confronted by Arsalan Yusuf’s army, Alp Arslan rescues Inal Bey and sends him to Tekfur.

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When Inal Bay Tekfur sought refuge with Gregor, he granted it. Seeing no other way, Arsalan Yusuf Tekfur kidnaps Gregor’s daughter and demands Inal Ber’s head from Gregor in exchange for his daughter. Alp Arsalan appears whenever Tekfur Greg goes to kill Inal Bey, and the episode ends here, leaving the audience in a sea of ​​suspense.

Alparsalan Episode 33 English Subtitles

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