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The departure of the hero Alparslan

In 465 Hijri (1072 AD), Sultan Alp Arsan decided to launch an expedition into the Trans-Oxiana region. The Sultan had a large army of two hundred thousand men at that time. On reaching the banks of the Amu Darya, the Sultan ordered the construction of a bridge over the river. The construction of the pool lasted for about twenty days. The Seljuk army then crossed the river. After crossing the river, the Sultan besieged a fort. The ruler of this fort was Yusuf Al Khawarezmi. He resisted the attack of the Seljuks for several days. When the fort fell, he was brought before the Sultan. The Sultan scolded him for his actions.

At one point the Sultan ordered to kill him. Yusuf said, “O coward, is it necessary to kill people like me like this?” The sultan got angry after hearing this. He ordered Yusuf to be released. He took his bow and shot an arrow at Yusuf. Sultan’s aim throughout his life was unerring. But this is the first time he missed the target. Yusuf quickly approached the Sultan. A dagger was hidden in his clothes. He immediately struck the Sultan with the dagger. Sultan was injured and fell on the ground. The army men rushed forward and caught Yusuf. He was killed.

The Sultan spent a few days in a state of stupor. At that time, he said, a few days ago I climbed the mountain and looked at my army. Seeing this huge army, my chest swelled with pride. I say to myself, there is no ruler in the world stronger than me. Allah crushed my pride. Overcame me with one of his weak creations. I ask forgiveness from Allah for this care of the mind. He died on the 10th of Rabiul Awal after being injured for four days. The day was Saturday.

Sultan Alp Arsalan was aged at the time of his death. 41 years. He was buried in his hometown of March, next to his father’s grave. His tombstone was inscribed, “Those who have seen the celestial splendor of Sultan Alp Arsalan, behold, he now lies beneath the gray earth. . . .

When the news of the Sultan’s death reached Baghdad, the public began to mourn the Sultan. Bazarpart and sales are closed. The Caliph himself was distressed by the Sultan’s death. Before his death Sultan Ali nominated his son Malik Shah as Ahd. Malik Shah wrote a letter to the Khalifa informing him of his father’s death and seeking permission for the sermon. The Caliph granted this request.

A golden era in Islamic history ended with the death of Sultan Alp Arsalan. Imam Zahabi writes, he was the first ruler to be proclaimed Sultan from the pulpit of Baghdad.

He was the first Turkish ruler to cross the Euphrates River. Sultan was tall and handsome. His beard was thick and long. He was very good at aiming. There was an impression of personality in the face. No one appeared before him without being impressed. Just looking at him was terrifying. He always wore a tall hat.

When we review the life of Sultan Alp Arsalan, we see that he devoted himself to the welfare of the Ummah. Instead of innocent life, the life of a warrior became dear to him. He was the light of hope of the Ummah in its distress. Alp Arsalan’s life and work teach us to spend all our efforts and actions for the welfare of the Ummah.

Hazrat Omar One day, targeting the people present in front of him, he said, if this room was full of people like Abu Ubaidah Ibnul Jarrah, Mu’az Ibn Jabal, and Abu Huzaifa’s freed slave Salem, then I would have tried to elevate the Kalima of this religion with their help.

This quote of Hazrat Umar RA shows us how much the Ummah needs its children. The Ummah needs some personalities who will sacrifice themselves and work for the welfare of the Ummah. Sultan Alp Arsalan was one such personality.

Alparslan Episode 32 English Subtitles Kayifamilytv

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