9 Things Women Notice In Men

Do you ever wonder what girls like about guys? Here are all the answers, from what they like to what they don’t. Even if your first impression doesn’t last, you don’t want to look unattractive when you meet a woman for the first time, especially if you want to get to know her better.

Women are good observers, and to be honest, they do notice how guys look, which can lead them to different conclusions. Now, if you don’t want to be the least popular guy with women, you should take care of these nine things.

1. Height:

It’s probably the first thing a woman notices in a man. No matter how big or short you are, you should be able to carry yourself well. If you’re too tall, don’t slouch, and if you’re too short, don’t feel weird around tall women.

2. Flat tummy:

Women don’t like a belly that sticks out because exercise is something they really care about. Don’t try to get six-pack abs, but work out hard enough in the gym to lose that layer of fat around your middle.

3. Muscular arms:

Okay, women do care about size in every way, but we’re only talking about arm size here. Even if you have a ripped body, you don’t have to have bulging arms. Just make sure they are toned and shaped enough to make people look twice. Women will like it.

4. Confident eyes:

A woman will notice you right away if you can make bold eye contact. When you talk to her, keep your eyes on her and don’t let them wander or move around. Look into her eyes and be sure of yourself, and she’ll want to talk to you a lot more.

5. Hair:

curly, straight, black, or brown; it doesn’t matter. The structure should be soft, and your hair should be clean at all times.

Obviously, the first time you meet her, she won’t run her hand through your hair, but it won’t go ignored. Also, people would notice if you had oily hair or dandruff, which is the kind of attention you could do without.

6. Pleasant smell:

Advertising is often misleading, and this is never more true than in the fragrance business. Don’t smother yourself in perfume. Women don’t want any scent to overpower them, and they aren’t all that different from men in this regard. Women won’t fall in love with you, but a light, nice scent can be very attractive and work in your favour.

7. Smile:

Once she has looked at everything else about you, she will definitely look at your smile, or more specifically, your lips. Dark lips won’t really make you look good. So, here’s a tip for your health: don’t smoke. Also, raw, dry lips can be pretty gross.

So use a lip balm every day to keep your lips soft and fresh. Remember that your smile will show how healthy your teeth are. So, get rid of the yellow tartar that has built up on your teeth, and for the love of God, use a mouthwash or mint if you have bad breath.

8. Personal hygiene:

Good things can sometimes go unnoticed, but bad things almost never do. Be very careful about your personal hygiene. You don’t have to get a manicure and pedicure, but your nails will be noticed.

You don’t have to use antiperspirant, but those sweaty patches on your shirt won’t be ignored either. You don’t have to wear closed shoes and socks, but if you do, make sure your feet don’t smell, because that’s something no one can miss.

9. Overall personality:

Any woman you meet will always judge you based on your overall personality, and not just the first time you meet her. Opinions are always being formed, so how you talk, how you treat other people, how you dress, the shoes you wear, your confidence, and your sense of fun all matter.

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