7 Signs You’re a Great Parent, Even If You Are Not So Sure

Every parent tries to be the best they can be for their kids. Some of them are strict and others are not, but they all do what they think is right. But a lot of the time, parents forget what’s most important for their kids. We’ve put together a list of the most important signs that you’re a really cool parent.

1. Your child tells you about their problems.

It’s great when your child tells you about the things they have done well. But it’s much more important for them to be able to talk to you about their problems.

It makes sense to want to talk to someone about your issues.  And we want people to help us and pay attention to what we say. Children should know that different things can happen and that making mistakes isn’t a bad thing.

2. You don’t think that getting good grades is all that matters.

Your child shouldn’t be afraid to tell you if they got a bad grade at school. Children who are afraid often hide their grades because they are afraid their parents will find out.

Good parents can tell their kids that it’s important to do well in school, but what’s most important is what they learn, not how well they do.

3. Everyone’s private space is taken seriously in your household.

Many parents think that kids should knock on the door before coming in. But sometimes the parents don’t follow this rule.

Everyone in the family has to follow the same rules. If you respect your kids’ privacy, they will do the same for you.

4. You never say bad things about your child.

Parents who are good to their kids don’t attack them or call them stupid, fat, or lazy. These words make kids feel unsafe for a long time, maybe even forever. Choose your words carefully and tell them exactly what you don’t like, but don’t insult them.

5. You own up to your mistakes and say you’re sorry.

Children and adults alike make mistakes. But most parents forget that they have to show their kids how to apologise as well as teach them how to do it.

If you notice you reacted too strongly when you shouldn’t have, don’t be afraid to tell your child you’re sorry. A strong person is someone who can accept where they are weak.

6. You don’t make your kids like what you like.

Children should do what they want to do, not what you want them to do. It’s great if a father used to play football and his son also loves it. But it’s possible that your child likes to dance or listen to music.

Learn to see what your kids are good at and don’t force your dreams on them. Good parents help their kids grow up to be happy, healthy people who do what they like.

7. You believe what your children say.

This happens a lot: a mother or father goes to their child’s school and hears from the teacher that their child has been bad. An angry parent doesn’t try to find out what happened before coming home and making a big deal out of it.

But before you scream, you should ask the child what they thinks is going on. Maybe it’s not your child’s fault at all, and they just need your help to deal with the situation.

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