11 Signs Your Guy Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Tell You

1. He always gives you the impression that he prioritises you.
A large part of life is the balance of priorities. Various parts of life will demand your attention and energy. And you must know how to divide your attention correctly.

So, if he takes the time to be with you and work on his connection with you, that’s his way of showing you that he values and loves you.

2. He willingly inconveniences himself for your sake.
We are all born with selfish instincts. We will always want to conduct ourselves in ways that are helpful to us as humans. We are always tempted to act for convenience.

However, we are always willing to inconvenience ourselves in order to protect the things and people who are most important to us. And that is exactly what he does for you.

3. He brings you into his social circle.
If he includes you in his social group, you know he truly loves you. He isn’t treating you as a passing phase in his life. He knows you’re genuine, and he wants the people in his life to get used to the knowledge that you’ll always be there. You are an indelible part of his existence.

4. He enjoys spending a lot of time with you.
We only devote our time to the things we enjoy—the things that are most important to us. So if he spends a lot of time with you, that’s absolutely a good thing.

5. He isn’t afraid to be intimate with you.
Physical intimacy and proximity are also powerful demonstrations of affection and love for another person. You must always be able to find joy in the fact that you have a partner who wants you to experience his love through physical contact.

6. He treats you as an equal.
He does not regard himself as superior to you; he does not denigrate or disparage you in any way. He also does not put you on a pedestal. He does not romanticise you.

He is not romantic about you. He does not excite you. He recognises you for who you truly are, and he adores every aspect of you.

7. He is genuinely interested in the topics you are most passionate about.
He recognises that you are a human being with many distinct hobbies, interests, experiences, and stories. And he wants to be immersed in everything. He wishes to be a significant part of your life as well. He is eager to become a part of who you are as a person.

8. He gives you space when you request it.
Just because he’s in a relationship with you doesn’t imply he thinks he has the right to violate your limits. He still respects you as an individual and would never want to make you feel uncomfortable by crossing his boundaries.

9. He never flirts with other women.
He’s completely dedicated to you. He would never do anything to make you think he wasn’t serious about you.

He will always try his best to keep you safe and comfortable in your place in his life. He will never make you feel like you are just another choice for him. He’ll want you to feel like you’re his one and only.

10. He is consistent in his efforts on your behalf.
He won’t play hot and cold with you. He is indeed with you every day. He is not going to be inconsistent in his attempts. He’s someone you can always count on to be there for you.

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